With a background in Physics and in particular Optics, Ivo Schoofs (1972) established the foundation for a cross-over approach between technology and kinetic light art. As a child, he grew up in a world of inventions, mechanical engineering, mathematics and the love for nature.Inspiration for his large scale projects often comes from nature itself. In 2009 Schoofs started his company of inventions ‘Kinetic Humor’. The projects were soon noticed by international light art festivals with many invitations world wide as a result. The joy of inventing, experimenting, failing, succeeding and finally scaling up, is a inexhaustible source for Schoofs. For example, during COVID19, when all festivals had to postpone their activities, Schoofs and light art festival Glow (Eindhoven, NL) invented a new approach to the festival that could take place during the pandemic: one immersive city-wide project that people could see from their homes, called ‘Connecting the Dots’. This project, as many others, gained international attention by the media and art world.

Pepe Heijnen (1978) is interested in connecting technology and art. Since childhood, he has been working with cables, ropes, and other connections. As a broadly trained electrical engineer in high and low voltage, he specializes in electronics and automation. Due to his wonder for machinery and motion, physics, lightning, and the world of Nikola Tesla, he is fascinated by tying up technical loose ends in art, fiction, and experience. Pepe has created several works for GLOW and other light art festivals.

Pieter giving hoisting instructions in Prague, 2014.

Pieter Oppers
1978 – 2022

For over a decade Pieter worked with us on many art projects and together we travelled over the world towards new adventures. We not only miss his extensive technical skills, Pieter was for instance always in charge of hoisting and he taught us how to weld and could drive anything on wheels. His sincere friendship, his humor and wonderful hands on mentality towards life in general is deeply missed and never forgotten.

Jürgen de Wolf
3D model engineering and calculations

And many, many thanks for the great help and energy of:
Koen van de Merwe, AndyMan, Jurtko Moerbeek, Bart van Heeswijk, Leffe Goldstein, Bert Schoofs, Michiel de Boer and many others!